Calgel Teething Gel


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Calgel Teething Gel works to quickly ease teething pain, providing effective relief to your little one. Calgel Teething Gel Calgel Teething Gel is a fast-acting teething gel that works to relieve teething pain and soothes sore gums. Sugar-free, it contains a mild antiseptic to ease the discomfort of teeth cutting through the gums and help to fight infection. How does Calgel Teething Gel work? Calgel Teething Gel contains Li ine as an active ingredient. This works to numb the tender gum area and helps ease the pain. The Cetylpyridum Chloride in the teething gel works as an antiseptic and kills bacteria, preventing infection during the teething process. Who is Calgel Teething Gel suitable for?This teething gel is perfect for babies and infants that are 5 month years old or older, who are suffering from teething pain. This product can also be taken alongside Calpol Infant Suspension if further pain and fever relief are also needed. Can adults use Calgel Teething Gel?Adults can be used to treat pain in their mouth or on the gums. However, you should not use this product if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.