Biotene Dry Mouth Moisturising Mouthwash


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Biotene Dry Mouth Moisturising Mouthwash is specially formulated to emulate the enzymes found in saliva, leaving your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Biotene Dry Mouth Moisturising Mouthwash features a new and improved pH balance to effectively relieve dry mouths. This pleasant tasting mouthwash contains 3 enzymes that are normally found in saliva and supplement your mouth’s defence system. With a soothing moisturising action, Biotene Mouth Wash pr s protection against dry mouth, while leaving your teeth and mouth feeling fresh and clean all day. Dry mouth is a medical condition that affects up to 1 in 4 adults. It occurs when your body does not produce enough saliva. If you suffer from dry mouth, you may be experiencing some of these problems: Constant dry mouth feeling Cracked lips Bad breath Cavities Dry mouth can often be a symptom of certain medications, diabetes, drug/radiation therapies, sjogrens syndrome, stress and depression. Key features of Biotene Dry Mouth Moisturising Mouthwash: Immediate and long lasting dry mouth relief Freshens breath Alcohol free Biotene contains a mouth-moisturising system to help relieve oral dryness Specially formulated for people with dry mouth symptoms Helps maintain a healthy oral environment