Aquafresh Senses Revitalising Eucalyptus Lime & Mint Toothpaste



Strengthen teeth and freshen breath with Aquafresh Senses Revitalising Eucalyptus, Lime and Mint Toothpaste. This engaging blend of flavours provides triple protection for teeth, gums, and breath, while fluoride strengthens teeth from the inside out. Aquafresh Senses Revitalising Eucalyptus, Lime and Mint Toothpaste has been specially designed to give you an energising boost of instant freshness. This engaging blend of eucalyptus, lime, and mint creates a prefect balance to give you a long-lasting fresh feeling. With twice-daily brushing, Aquafresh triple protection keeps your teeth strong, your gums healthy, and your breath fresh. The mint flavour with a boost of fruit aromas helps to give you a prolonged feeling of freshness, make brushing more fun, and keep everyone in the family brushing for longer. Aquafresh delivers active fluoride minerals that penetrate deep into the enamel surface of your teeth, strengthening them from the inside out to help prevent cavities. Key Features of Aquafresh Senses Revitalising Toothpaste Delicious eucalyptus, lime, and mint flavour Long-lasting fresh feeling Triple protection for teeth, gums, and breath With active fluoride minerals Strengthen teeth against cavities and acid