AproDerm Ointment



AproDerm Ointment 500g is an intensely moisturising emollient that protects, moisturises, and soothes skin that is affected by moderate to severe eczema, psoriasis, and other very dry skin conditions. Suitable for Vegans. Paraben, SLA, and colour free. Restore moisturisation to your skin with Apro Derm Ointment. Being suitable from birth, Apro Derm Ointment helps prevent skin damage and pr s intense moisturisation to help control skin flare ups due to eczema or dermatitis. The ointment forms a barrier layer on the skin that keeps moisture in, whilst keeping infections and irritants out whilst providing symptomatic relief for dry, red, inflamed, damaged and raw areas of skin. Apro Derm can also be used as a pre-bathing emollient to prevent the skin from drying out further. Particularly great for overnight use and for hand eczema, Apro Derm is completely free from sensitizers and irritants. Suitable for Vegans and free from Parabens, SLA, and colours. Dermatologically tested. Key features of Apro Derm Ointment Suitable from Birth Helps control skin flare ups due to eczema or dermatitis Can also be used as a pre-bathing emollient Suitable for Vegans Free from Cetostearyl alcohol, Parabens, SLA, and colours