Ametop Gel 4%


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Ametop Gel 4% 1.5g is a local anaesthetic used to numb the skin. Perfect for painless blood tests and cannular insertions. Ametop Gel 4% 1. 5g Ametol Gel is a local anaesthetic that contains 4% w/w of tetracaine. The unique formulation works as an effective pain reliever and numbs the skin where applied. Uses for Ametop Gel As a safe local anaesthetic, Ametop Gel is perfect for Percutaneous local anaesthetic to produce anaesthesia of the skin prior to venipuncture or venous cannulation. How Does Ametop Gel Work & Numbs Pain? Pain is caused by the stimulation of your pain receptors at the nerve ends. The numbing gel contains the active ingredient, Tetracaine. It works by temporarily blocking these pain signals by preventing sodium from entering the nerve ending. This stops an electrical signal going to the brain. This makes Ametop an ideal numbing gel for giving a blood sample.