Always Dailies Normal Pantyliners


Always Dailies Normal Pantyliners neutralises odours in seconds and keeps you fresh for hours. This product has a 2 in 1 topsheet with an absorbing layer with a soft veil on top, which allows your skin to breathe and keeps you dry. Always Dailies Normal Pantyliners: Always Pantyliners have now improved their protection with new odour neutralising Acti Pearls. They now also neutralize odours instead of just masking them! Always Pantyliners capture moisture to keep you clean and fresh all day. With their new odour neutralising Acti Pearls, they also capture, supress and neutralise odours in seconds. Leaving you feeling with more than freshness – pure freshness!Try the new Always Pantyliners every day, for pure freshness all day long!When it comes to daily protection Always Pantyliners has a great range of liners so that you can pick and choose whatever suits you best. From less than 1mm thin, normal length and thickness for every day protection, individually wrapped or large and long plus for that extra protection you might need. Check out the Always Pantyliners range for everyday protection and also Always pads for protection during your period.