Allevyn Adhesive Dressing 12.5 X 12.5cm


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Allevyn Adhesive Dressing 12.5 X 12.5cm is the worlds no. 1 foam dressing with enhanced performance. Allevyn handles up to three times more fluid through increased breathability and absorption. This optimises the moist wound environment leading the promotion of faster healing wounds. Allevyn Adhesive Dressing 12. 5 X 12. 5cm is self-adhesive which allows you simple and effective fixation for your wounds; this dressing is designed to pr maximum comfort, minimal pain and rapid wound closure to help you through the healing experience. It has an active fluid management system which encourages a moist healing environment to allow faster wound closure and creates a bacterial barrier for your wound. This product is suitable for wounds such as; shallow granulating, exuding wounds such as pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, infected, malignant and surgical wounds, first and second degree burns, and fungating ulcers.