Vitabiotics Wellwoman 70+ Tablets


Vitabiotics Wellwoman 70+ Tablets are a comprehensive multi-vitamin with is specifically designed for the nutritional needs of women of over 70 years of age. A complete multi-vitamin containing 26 vitamins, trace elements and micro-nutrients. The formula contains nutrients to help support general wellbeing such as Vitamin C as well as specifically sought out nutrients which have unique benefits for women aged 70 and over. Key Ingredients Iron, Iodine and Zinc: helps maintain a healthy brain function Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D: helps boost the immune system Vitamin B6 and biotin: helps maintain a healthy nervous system Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): contributes to a normal energy release throughout the day Product Features Suitable for vegetarians Gluten Free Not tested on animals Does not contain l e, salt or yeast Does not contain preservatives