Vitabiotics Wellman Skin Technology


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Vitabiotics Wellman Skin is an advanced nutritional supplement developed for men to keep their skin, hair and nails in the best condition. A supplement which offers premium nutritional support for men’s skin. The comprehensive formula contains 30 nutrients to help maintain general wellbeing and vitality. And since male grooming can be hard on men’s skin, it contains extra micronutrients which help with that. Men’s skin differs vastly from women’s skin, it is about 25% thicker and therefore has quite different needs. This product is especially designed to meet those needs and contains an array of extra vitamins and minerals, making this the only multi-vitamin you’ll need. Key Ingredients Vitamin C, which helps with collagen formation, which are the building blocks of your skin Riboflavin, Vitamin E and Copper are added for their antioxidizing features, protection the cells from oxidative stress Selenium and Zinc contribute to the maintenance of healthy hair and nails Gluten, salt and yeast free A full list of ingredients can be found under the ingredients tab.