Vitabiotics Pregnacare Cream


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Pregnacare Cream is a gentle massage cream, specially formulated to care for stretching skin during pregnancy. Pregnacare Cream – Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body where the skin has been stretched. They occur when the lower layer of the skin containing collagen and elastin, which give our skin its elasticity, becomes damaged by a rapid weight loss or weight gain, such as in pregnancy. The purple appearance of the stretch mark on the skin is caused by the small blood vessels beneath the surface, which become more visible with stretching. Unique caring formula Pregnacare Cream’s unique formula contains vitamins C and E and botanical extracts such as natural extract of Calendula and Evening Primrose Oil, which together gently protect, nourish, moisturise and heal stretching skin. Rich source of vitamins E & C Pregnacare Cream is a rich source of vitamins E and C. Several studies have shown that these accelerate the healing of the skin. Safe and effective during and after pregnancy Pregnacare Cream is safe and effective during the months of pregnancy and may be continued to be applied after giving birth, to help the contracting skin to stay supple. Pregnacare Cream is suitable for women who wish to protect their stretching skin during pregnancy and their contracting skin after giving birth. Pregnacare Cream has been dermatologically tested and was developed without testing on animals. Pregnacare Cream contains no artificial colours or preservatives.