Vagisil Medicated Creme for Thrush – 3 Pack


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Vagisil Medicated Creme provides fast relief for intimate itching, burning, and irritation caused by thrush. Multipack 30g x 3. Vagisil Medicated Creme for Thrush Vagisil Medicated Creme is a fast-acting topical cream for relieving intimate itching, burning, or irritation caused by thrush. It works directly at the site of irritation and immediately pr s symptomatic thrush relief. It is suitable for treatment for adults and children 12 years and above. In this multipack you will receive Vagisil Medicated Creme for Thrush 30g x 3. Benefits of Vagisil Medicated Creme Reduces the urge to scratch Prevents further irritation for long-lasting relief Fresh clean fragrance Non-staining Greaseless Before using Vagisil Medicated Creme, please consult all the information on the packaging and instructions before use.