Vagisan Protective Ointment



Vagisan Protective Ointment can protect the skin from moisture and friction and therefore prevent it from becoming sore. Vagisan Protective Ointment forms a water-repellent protective film yet allows the skin to ‘breathe’. Vagisan Protective Ointment protects the skin from skin-irritating influences and prevents it from becoming sore without allowing moisture to build up. The ointment is particularly soft, spreads easily and adheres well to the skin. The mineral oil and silicone free ointment can protect skin that’s already red and irritated, applying the ointment can help to relieve the symptoms. The composition of oils and waxes of vegetable origin has a soothing and gentle lubricating effect. In addition, the ointment contains nature-identical substances, which are also contained in oats and chamomile. Vagisan Protective Ointment keeps away external influences such as vaginal discharge, sweat and urine (e. g. from bladder weakness), irritation caused by sporting activities such as cycling or riding, chafing from tight-fitting clothing. Key features of Vagisan Protective Ointment Protects the skin from moisture and friction Forms a water-repellent protective film Melts in the heat of the vagina to pr a soothing effect Has a soothing and gentle lubricating effect Does not contain mineral oils, silicones and zinc oxide