Ultrasun Aftersun Gel


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Ultrasun Aftersun Gel 150ml repairs and rejuvenates the skin after exposure to the sun. Acts as an ideal treatment to revitalise your complexion providing deep hydration to the skin, leaving you feeling cool and refreshed. Ultrasun Aftersun Gel 150ml combats the harmful effects of sun exposure by gently nourishing your skin back to health by delivering intense hydration following sun exposure. Formulated with Aquarich to deliver deep hydration to the skin following sun exposure. This along with the free radical scavenger, Superoxide Dismutase, deeply moisturises and soothes the skin. Top tip – use Ultrasun Aftersun every day after sun exposure to prolong your tan. Key Features of Ultrasun Aftersun Gel Gently nourishes skin Delivers intense hydration to the skin after sun exposure Can be used to help relieve minor burns