UltraDEX Daily Oral Rinse Original


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UltraDEX Daily Oral Rinse Original eliminates bad breath compounds on contact and carries on working all day long. The advanced iQ+ Active Oxi Technology within this mouth rinse is clinically proven to instantly eliminate bad breath compounds (Volatile Sulphur Compounds) for 12 hour fresh breath c dence. Rinsing twice a day will eliminate bad breath for 12 hours whilst protecting the teeth and gums against harmful bacteria. The rinse also naturally whitens the teeth by lifting everyday stains. Product Features Free from alcohol and chlorhexidine Clear and unflavoured Contains fluoride Suitable for vegans With flavouring option This product comes with a separate mint-flavour sachet for personal choice. Since the mouthwash doesn’t mask odour but actually eliminates it, this hasn’t been added to the rinse up front but it’s included for personal preferences. If you prefer a refreshing, minty flavour simply add the contents of the enclosed flavour sachet to the entire bottle of rinse, shaking well before each use.