Tommee Tippee Mini Travel Sleep Aid – Pip the Panda


Tommee Tippee Mini Travel Sleep Aid Pip Panda is a sleeping aid that can play a choice of six soothing sounds to help settle and calm your baby. The sleep aid can easily be attached to pushchairs and changing bags making it suitable while out and about. Babies still needs to nap and sleep when you’re out and about and on the go. This cute and cuddly mini version of our sleep aid is here to help comfort your little one in their pushchair, in the car or anywhere else when you’re out and about. This portable, travel version of our Grofriend sleep aid uses intelligent Cry Sensor technology to listen out for baby’s cries, then plays your choice of 6 soothing sounds: Gently press your Grofriend’s tummy to choose between 3 naturally calming sounds and 3 soothing lullabies: Sound 1 – Heartbeat Sound 2 – Rainfall Sound 3 – White Noise Lullaby 1 – Go to Sleep Lullaby 2 – Hush Little Baby Lullaby 3 – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star This cute and cuddly character attaches easily to the handle of your pushchair, changing bag or anywhere else that’s safe using the fabric loop, so there’s no fear you’ll leave them behind as you venture out and about. No need for batteries as this comforting sleep aid recharges using a micro-USB lead, so it’s always ready to soothe your little one wherever you may wander.