Tepe Interspace Soft & 12 Heads


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Tepe Interspace Soft & 12 Heads is a unique brush with a pointed tuft, to help improve access to difficult to reach areas such as around implants, braces, furcations, and behind the last tooth. Tepe Interspace Soft & 12 Heads is suitable for cleaning orthodontic appliances to ensure effective cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. The small, flexible toothbrush comes with interchangeable brush-tip that can be attached to the either sides of the toothbrush for choice of angles. The neck can be further angled for better reach. This pack contains one handle and 12 brush-tips. Effective cleaning for sensitive teeth Tepe Interspace Soft & 12 Heads is designed with soft filaments to pr gentle cleaning for sensitive teeth and gums. Ergonomic design for extra comfort The brush is designed with ergonomic grip and plastic-coated wire to ensure deep and safe cleaning. The unique design helps you to reach difficult areas for better accessibility.