Tepe Extra Soft Interdental Brushes Blue


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Tepe Extra Soft Interdental Brushes Blue are designed to clean between the teeth, around bridges, fixed appliances and dental implant abutments. Tepe X-Soft Interdental Brushes Soft Blue with metal wire is plastic coated for use around metal fillings and to avoid damage to dental implants. Regular use reduces the build up of plaque and food debris that can lead to gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay. The Te Pe Interdental brush, has the following characteristics: Ergonomic handle offers comfortable grip and good cleaning control. Plastic-covered metal wire to make sure the stem does not scratch tooth surfaces or implant posts. Brush and handle in one piece. Eight colour-coded sizes make identification easy. Handle and packet are made of environment-friendly polypropylene plastic. Eight interdental brushes and one plastic cap per packet. The cap can be used to protect the brush (if carried in your pocket or bag) and also to extend the handle.