Skin Doctors Potent Vitamin C Day Ampoules Cream



Get intense skin care from Skin Doctor, with potent Vitamin C. Skin Doctors Potent Vitamin C Day Ampoules is a pure concentrated paraben-free cosmeceutical anti-ageing treatment. Light, and deeply nourishing, each collagen boosting day ampoule contains an antioxidant-rich, potent form of pure Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) at 10% concentration. Working under the skin at a cellular level, Potent Vit. C signals the skin to speed up collagen synthesis and pr s deep antioxidant protection and hydration, to help skin look dramatically tighter, firmer, and radiant. These potent day ampoules also work to protect the skin against daily environmental stressors, allowing you to face the day without the worry of free-radical damage.