Sensodyne Complete Protection+ Toothpaste Extra Fresh


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Sensodyne Complete Protection Toothpaste Extra Fresh gives you an extra refreshing sensation throughout the day. It helps to prevent cavities and plaque, and protects the teeth from sensitivity to cold, heat, acids, and sweets. Sensodyne Complete Protection + daily toothpaste pr s multiple oral care benefits: Clinically proven to help protect sensitive teeth, Whitening, Plaque removal, Strong enamel, Healthy gums, Cavity protection, Deep cleaning and Fresh breath. Fresh Breath for lasting fresh feeling. Natural peppermint and sweet spearmint with a touch of citrus oils. Unique formula with an Advanced Cleaning System for Superior Cleaning Action. Caring for your sensitive teeth shouldn’t come at the expense of other important benefits. Sensodyne Complete Protection +: All in one daily oral care for sensitive teeth. with twice daily brushing. vs a regular Sensodyne toothpaste.