SELFcheck Cholesterol Level Test


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Easily and confidentially detect elevated cholesterol levels with the SELFcheck Cholesterol Level Test. This totally private self-test gives a visible result in under 5 minutes. SELFcheck Cholesterol Level Test is a simple, reliable test to check whether your overall cholesterol level is within normal limits. A raised cholesterol level can be a risk factor for arteriosclerosis, which can remain undetected for many years until it is at an advanced stage. Raised levels of total cholesterol, or high levels of low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) and low levels of high-density Lipoprotein (HDL), increases the risk of chronic heart disease (CDH). Additional risks factors include a family history of CHD disease, entering middle age, being overweight, little exercise, raised blood pressure and smoking. Anyone who has 2 or more of these increased risk factors should consider checking their cholesterol levels. The SELFCheck Cholesterol Level Tet is an easy way to check your cholesterol levels within just 5 minutes with a visual result. Key Features of SELFcheck Cholesterol Level Test Easy to use self-test Totally private and c dential Visual results in under 5 minutes Detects total cholesterol levels (>200mmg/dL)