Scholl Flight Socks Black 1 Pair Shoe Sizes 3



Scholl Flight Socks help to improve circulation on long journeys, helping to prevent swollen ankles and achy legs. These socks are also proven to help prevent deep vein thrombosis. Classic black colour. For shoe sizes 3 – 6. Scholl Flight Socks help to prevent deep vein thrombosis during flights or on other journeys where movement may be restricted. These socks are ideal for discreet wearing to help improve circulation which may be disrupted when sitting for long periods of time. Cramped conditions, reduced air pressure, and mild dehydration can all cause discomfort in your legs and feet. Scholl Flight Socks apply gentle pressure, improving circulation and helping to prevent tired, aching legs. These socks come in a black colour, making them discreet and comfortable when wearing them with your usual clothes and shoes. These socks can also be easily fitted into any travel bag, making them easy to tr t. Key Features of Scholl Flight Socks Classic black colour Includes a graduated compression system to improve circulation Proven to help prevent deep vein thrombosis Specially designed for comfort on long journeys Helps to prevent swollen ankles and achy legs