Sanatogen Mother To Be Triple Pack



Sanat Mother To Be is a multivitamin and multimineral food supplement, which pr s essential nutrients needed before and during pregnancy, including the recommended amount of folic acid, for your health and your baby’s development. Sanat Mother To Be also pr s nutritional support through the stages of pregnancy and after. It contains The recommended level of Folic Acid, important for the normal development of your baby’s neural tube. When to use sanat : Planning your pregnancy – Supplementation around the time of conception may help maintain the health of mother and baby. Pregnant – The formulation contains the recommended daily amount of Folic Acid, as well as 17 other essential vitamins and minerals to help the healthy growth of your baby and keep you healthy too. Breastfeeding – Sanat Mother To Be can also be used during this nutritionally demanding time, as it contains essential nutrients to help keep you and your new baby healthy. Please note that results may vary.