Salcura Antiac Activ Gel Serum



Antiac Activ Gel Serum is a fast-acting and effective targeted therapy product for invidual spots or blemishes. Containing clinically proven ingredients like Bisabolol, Sea Buckthorn, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Sunflower, this Gel Serum will effective calm the skin and clear any breakouts in as little as 4 hours. Antiac Activ Gel Serum is formulated to target spots fast, this natural gel serum is perfect for dealing with stubborn individual spots. Small enough to carry with you for regular application throughout the day, this gel serum has a fine nozzle applicator for targeted use. With Rosemary for skin toning & cell regeneration, Aloe Vera for cooling & soothing, and Tea Tree for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Maximum strength formula Visible results in as little as 4 hours Easy to carry with you for application throughout the day