Rennie Sugar Free Tablets



Containing antacid to neutralise excess stomach acid, Rennie Sugar Free Tablets work fast to relieve the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion, giving you the choice to relieve your symptoms in a sugar free way. Rennie Sugar Free is a mint flavoured antacid tablet for the fast and effective relief from heartburn and indigestion in a handy tablet. It can also pr relief from, acid indigestion, dyspepsia, hyperacidity, gastritis, nervous indigestion, flatulence, upset stomach, indigestion during pregnancy and biliousness. If you sre a sufferer of heartburn, indigestion or trapped wind, it’s likely that the symptoms are triggered by what you eat, how you eat or a busy, stressful lifestyle. Being Sugar Free also enables people who need to monitor their sugar intake to c dently treat their heartburn and indigestion symptoms.