Radox Feel Awake Shower Gel


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The Radox shower Gel Feel Awake containsa unique blend of herbs and minerals and infused with a reviving fragrance of fennel and sea minerals. This refreshing shower gel and shampoo cleanses your skin and recharges your batteries, making you feel awake. Radox shower Gel Feel awake 2 in 1 shower gel, transforms your day with RADOX’s mineral therapy ritual every time you step in the shower. Enriched with a unique blend of 4 herbs and 13 minerals that activate in hot water, RADOX Feel Awake 2-in-1 Shower Gel & Shampoo goes beyond cleansing the body and delights your senses with a revitalising scent of fennel and sea minerals. Suitable for daily use, our shower gel for men rinses off easily leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. From as early as 1908, Radox founders used a unique blend of minerals and herbs to ease the fatigue of weary bodies and minds. From reviving the tired feet of early travellers to helping hardworking people find a moment of solitude and sanctuary – Radox is rooted in the transformative power of mineral therapy. We have a long history of everyday therapy, we call it your daily R&R, Radox Mineral Therapy. We love RADOX FEEL AWAKE 2 IN 1 SHOWER GEL 250ML because .Refreshing 2 in 1 Shower Gel that leaves your skin delightfully fragrant An uplifting shower gel and shampoo with fennel and sea mineral scents inspired by nature’s finest ingredients Mood changing fragrance which makes you feel ready Rinses off easily leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean pH neutral, dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types