Radox Bath Therapy Detoxed Bath Salts



Radox Detoxed Bath Salts help you to relax in a bath with the blended sea salts to wash away stresses and clear up your mind. Scented with fruity Acai berry, Radox Detoxed Bath Salts are inspired by nature’s ingredients to let you lie back and rewind from the day. Radox Detoxed Bath Salts have been taking inspiration from nature’s incredible fragrances since 1908 to create refreshing bath products. Now Radox have developed Detoxed Bath Salts to let you sink into a warm Acai berry scented bath. They contain calcium, sodium and magnesium to help your body unwind. Radox Detoxed Bath Salts Relaxing bath salts Scented with fruity Acai berry Contain calcium, sodium and magnesium to help your body unwind Blending mineral salts since 1908 Wash away stresses and clear your mind Salts inspired by nature’s ingredients