Potters Crystallised Blackcurrant & Glycerine Pastilles



Potter’s crystallized blackcurrant and glycerine pastilles provide soothing relief from throat pain or soreness. Potter’s crystallized blackcurrant and glycerine pastilles are a soothing formulation with a fruity Blackcurrant taste to relieve your throat from pain or soreness. Potter’s Pastilles bare made with real blackcurrant juice, and are formulated to offer a soothing and pleasant taste. Suitable for adults and children over 6 years. Potters have been making homoeopathic medicine for almost 200 years. Over the years they have gained an impressive knowledge of herbs and have become vastly experienced in the industry of herbal medicine. All of the herbs used in Potters products are subject to high quality control standards. The raw herbs are quarantined upon arrival at Potters production facility in Wigan. Here, stringent examination makes sure that the herbs are free from foreign matter which could effect their purity. Only when their highly skilled specialists are happy that the raw materials meet the strictest standards, does the process of extraction begin.