Physiodose Physiological Saline Solution 30x5ml



Physiodose Saline Solution 30x5ml is recommended for babies, children and adults for nasal hygiene, ocular(eye) hygiene, cleaning wounds and for inhalation in aerosol therapy. Physiodose Saline Solution is a sterile saline. The product can be used from birth as well as with young children. Regardless of the season, your age or where you live, your body must fight off all kinds of external aggression. The nasal mucosa is a natural barrier that helps fight against infectious causes such as bacteria, viruses and pollution. Mucus and the impurities that it absorbs can stop it from working properly, leading to superinfection of the ENT (ear, nose & throat).Nasal hygiene is essential in order to prevent winter pathologies and allergies. Physiodose offers a range of products specifically designed for nasal hygiene in adults and in babies. Physiodose Saline Solution 30x5ml are easy to use and contains no chemicals, preservatives or side-effects. Physiodose Saline Solution is a s e saline. Recommended for infants, children but also for adults. It can be used: To wash wounds To wash the nose or eyes As a solvent in aerosol therapy Wounds cleansing