PharmaClinix Moisturix Cream SPF25


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PharmaClinix Moisturix Cream SPF25 provides instant moisture relief with a long lasting soothing effect. Pharma Clinix Moisturix Cream SPF25 contains the best balance of fine moisturising and protection for darker skin, maintaining colour and even skin tone. Moisturix is the very minimum skincare for even the youngest skin. Benefits to the use of Pharma Clinix Moisturix Cream SPF25: Instant moisture relief- with a long lasting soothing effect Has an SPF of 25, which is the optimum protection from the harmful effects of the sun, therefore preventing further darkening and premature ageing of the skin Promotes cell rejuvenation Renewal of the skin cells, while the anti-oxidants pr extra protection against the free radicals and pollution It is fresh and protective ‘anti stress’ cream, perfect for everyday living and is harmonising for the skin