Pharmaceris T Sebo-Almond Peel 10% Exfoliating Night Cream


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Pharmaceris T Sebo-Almond Peel effectively reduces the existing imperfections, regulates sebum secretion and smoothes out the skin. Pharmaceris T Sebo Almond Peel Exfoliating Night Cream with 10% Mandelic Acid has been formulated for the daily care of skin prone to acne, oiliness, uneven colour, as well as for skin showing signs of ageing. Containing 10% Mandelic Acid and inspired by dermatological peels, the cream effectively reduces existing imperfections, regulates sebum secretion and smooths the skin. Mandelic Acid gently exfoliates dead skin cells, and unblocks and cleanses skin pores, which become significantly narrower. It helps alleviate acne lesions and accelerates regeneration of the epidermis. It reduces the risk of acne scar formation and skin discolourations. High concentrations of the acid help brighten existing acne discolourations. Enriched with Sweet Almond proteins, the cream prevents the first signs of ageing, evening the complexion. Cruelty-free.