Pharmaceris R Calm-Rosalgin Redness Reducing Night Cream


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Pharmaceris R Calm-Rosalgin Night Cream reduces persistent skin redness and the appearance of capillaries. Pharmaceris R Calm Rosalgin Redness Reducing Night Cream combines 3 key ingredients – Inno Tetrapeptide, Olive Leaf Extract and Thioproline – to effectively treat the skin problems associated with rosacea. It stimulates toxin removal from skin cells to nourish and regenerate, reducing redness and irritation whilst minimising the appearance of capillaries. Enriched with Calm-Calcium, D-Panthenol, Canola Oil and Allantoin, this antibacterial cream has a soothing effect and leaves the skin less sensitive to environmental aggressors. Blackcurrant Oil restores the skin’s physiological balance and increases the skin’s firmness and elasticity. It optimises hydration, eliminating signs of physiological stress and fatigue. Cruelty-free.