Pharmaceris H H-Stimupurin Shampoo


Pharmaceris H H-Stimupurin Shampoo 250ml. With scientifically proven efficacy, the complex components delay the cell ageing process by prolonging the life cycle of hair to prevent early hair loss and thinning caused by different factors. Pharmaceris H H Stimupurin Specialist Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo reats excessive temporary or premature hair loss, helping to reduce balding caused by genetic, hormonal, or environmental factors. This shampoo effectively prevents hair loss caused by prolonged medication, stress, fatigue, or following pregnancy, and is suitable for use on sensitive scalps. The unique formulation contains the natural growth factor FGF and Caffeine, and with scientifically proven efficacy, prolongs the life cycle of hair to prevent early hair loss and thinning. The active ingredients promote microcirculation and proper oxygenation of the hair follicle to stimulate the production of new hair and accelerates its natural growth and thickening. Strengthening and soothing ingredients including Vitamin B6, D-Panthenol and Biotin help to restore natural volume and silky shine, making the hair easier to brush, minimising breakage and falling. Cruelty-free.