Panadol Extra Advance Tablets


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Panadol Extra Advance Tablets What are Panadol Extra Advance Tablets? Panadol Extra Advance is a patracetamol based pain relief treatment that can be used to treat a variety of different pains and aches. Due to its design, they can be absorbed quicker than standard paracetamol and caffeine tablets, providing faster relief and results. What pain can Panadol Extra Advance relieve? Panadol Extra Advance Tablets are used to relieve the pain of a: Headache Migraine Backache Rheumatic pain Muscle pain Neuralgia Toothache Period pain. They also relieve the aches and pains of cold and flu, help ease sore throat pain. and reduce the temperature. How does Panadol Extra Advance Tablets’ Advanced Optizorb Technology work? These tablets are developed with advanced Optizorb technology that helps faster absorption of paracetamol and caffeine and relieve your pain in as little time as 10 minutes. This formulation is not only fast absorbing but is also gentle on your stomach. Can I take Panadol Extra Advance Tablets if I’m pregnant? If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not take Panadol Extra Advance Tablets as they contain caffeine. Caffeine can increase the risk of certain health problems in babies during pregnancy and while being breastfed. Please note that results may vary.