Pampers Baby Dry Size 5 Nappies


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Let baby enjoy a fresh air feeling with up to 12 hours of breathable dryness thanks to Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies. With air channels to let air flow through the nappy, stretchy sides for a comfortable fit, and dryness technology to evenly distribute and lock away wetness. Size 5 for 11-16 kg (24-35 lbs). Pampers Baby-Dry Size 5 Nappies have air channels for dry bottoms. As a parent, you know how important fresh air is for your baby’s skin. This is why you may let your baby have some nappy-free time during the day. Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies create space for air to flow freely inside the nappy. Your baby has that fresh air feeling with up to 12 hours of breathable dryness. Meaning they stay dry throughout the night for a comfortable sleep. An extra dry-layer helps to distribute wetness evenly, keeping it away from baby’s skin. Meanwhile the absorbent core with Micro Pearls locks away wetness. Stretchy sides pr a comfortable fit with great leakage protection, with fun exterior graphics and designs that you can enjoy with your baby. Key features of Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies Create space for air to flow Up to 12 hours breathable dryness Wetness is distributed evenly Micro Pearls lock in wetness Stretchy comfortable fit Fun exterior graphics Size 5 for 11-16 kg (24-35 lbs)