Optrex Hay Fever Relief Drops & Allergy Relief Tablets Bundle



Discover the Hayfever relief bundle containing Optrex Hayfever Relief Drops and Allergy Relief Tablets, complete care for your symptoms throughout summer. Optrex Hayfever Relief Drops These fast-acting hay fever drops from renowned eyecare specialists, Optrex. These drops relieve a range of symptoms which hay fever suffers will know all too well, such as: Soreness, redness, itching and watering. Allergy & Hayfever Relief Tablets Cetirizine 30 Days These 30-Day Allergy and Hayfever Relief tablets can be used by adults and children (6 years and up) to prevent and treat allergic conditions such as hay fever and treat allergic reactions that affect the skin. These tablets are specially formulated to pr allergy relief and soothe sore, itchy eyes rashes and hives. These tablets can be used by adults and children above 6 years, making this an ideal hay fever medication or general antihistamine for the whole family. These hay fever tablets can help pr fast, much-needed relief from allergic reactions such as; Rashes Sneezing Watery eyes Running or blocked nose. Please note that results may vary.