Old Spice Original Aftershave Lotion


Old Spice Original Aftershaves distinctive fragrance is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. It has been around for generations. If your grandfather hadnt worn it, you wouldnt exist. Neither would velvet paintings, the chili dog and sheepskin rugs — manly things that were made by men who smelled strong and splashed Old Spice on their faces before doing other manly stuff during their day!. Old Spice Original Aftershave – Let’s admit it men, we don’t have a lot of tricks up our collective sleeves. Sure, ladyfolk make their skin all sparkly and their hair asymmetrical, but the best we can do is choose a button-up or a sweater. That’s why it’s important to smell great. Old Spice Original Aftershave enhances handsomeness and commands female attention. And that’s a pretty fancy trick indeed. Comes in crisp, clean scent cooked up in our Old Spice scent kitchen Buoy-shaped bottle