Nitrolingual Pumpspray 200 Dose


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ingual Pump Spray 200 Dose ingual Pumpspray 200 Dose pr s relief in less than a minute to Angina sufferers, whenever and wherever they need it. Angina Pectoris is the medical term for chest pain or discomfort usually due to coronary artery disease (CAD). Angina is a symptom of a condition called myocardial ischemia. This symptom is felt when the heart muscle doesn’t get as much blood or oxygen as it needs, usually because the arteries have become narrowed or blocked. When this happens, it can cause uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing, or pain in the centre of the chest. Discomfort also may be felt in the neck, jaw, shoulder, back, or arm. Sometimes angina can be accompanied by shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, or tiredness. Some people may break into a cold sweat, or feel their heart pounding. The discomfort usually develops gradually, without a sudden sharp pain. Without treatment, the pain can subside within about 20 minutes. ingual Pump Spray is available over-the-counter without a doctor’s prescriptions. Four benefits when you use ingual Pump Spray: Fast Pain Relief with ingual Pump Spray: In one study, 69% of patients reported pain relief within 60 seconds, compared to 38% of patients who experienced relief within 1 minute when using tablets. Potent and Reliable for 24 Months: Long shelf life from date of manufacture helps to ensure that ingual Pump Spray works when you need it. With a 2-year shelf life from the manufacture, ingual Pump Spray will be reliable and potent when you need it. And with the Pump Spray, there are no concerns regarding loss of potency due to light, moisture or handling. 2 convenient bottle sizes: a 60-metered spray bottle travelling pocket size and a 200-metered spray bottle. Simple, Easy to Use and Reliable Spray: Just one spray on or under the tongue pr s a metered 0. 4mg dose. When angina strikes, it is often sudden and unexpected, causing fear or even panic. Please note that results may vary.