Nestle Cerelac Wheat With Milk Infant Cereal 6 Month+


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Nestle Cerelac Wheat with Milk Infant Cereal 400g can be made with water and provides a delicious and nutritious cereal suitable for infants from 6 months onwards. Contains zinc, calcium, and vitamins A, C and D which contributes to the normal function of the immune system. No added sugars. Infant cereal is the ideal foundation to a varied and balanced diet. Nestle Cerelac Wheat with Milk Infant Cereal 400g, 6m+ can be made with just water, for a tasty Wheat creamy cereal, suitable for children from 6 months onwards. The amount of Cerelac fed can vary according to your baby’s appetite. As your baby grows, so will their appetite, and portions can be increased gradually. It contains zinc, calcium, and vitamins A & C, and iron which contributes to normal cognitive development. Halal and suitable for vegetarians.