Nailoid Once Bitten Twice Shy


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Nailoid Once Bitten Twice Shy Anti Nail Bite is formulated with Bitrex, a bitter tasting sustance. It is inert and odourless and perfectly safe for use, even for children. Gone are the days of unsightly bitten nails and chewed cuticles. Only tiny amounts are needed to make nails and cuticle taste unpalatable, therefore discouraging the most avid nail biter. Say good-bye to nail biting and say hello to beautiful long nails. Nailoid Once Bitten Twice Shy is a nail biting treatment that is designed to break the habit in just 7 days. The matt finish has a bitter taste, but is odourless and perfectly safe to use even for children. A tiny amount will make nails and cuticles taste unpalatable and will therefore discourage nail biting. Suitable for use by the whole family, Nailoid Once Bitten Twice Shy is the perfect cure for all nail biters.