MAM Teat 3 Flow 3 Pack



MAM Teat 3 Fast Flow makes alternation between breast and bottle feeding simple and easy, as the MAM Teat Fast Flow includes the new MAM Ultivent system, that makes bottle feeding as close as possible to natural breastfeeding. The Ultivent Teat has a unique shape and special silky texture, which replicates the sensation of soft smooth skin for your baby. Despite the super soft material used, the Ultivent Teat will not compress and your baby will be able to enjoy a continuous flow of milk without swallowing any air. The Teat therefore will help to prevent colic in your baby, keeping them happy and comfortable. MAM Flow Rate: Each teat has an individual flow rate1 = Slow flow. 2 = Medium flow. 3 = Fast flow. 4 = Extra fast flow. Please note that results may vary.