MAM Original 12+M Soother – Blue



Help soothe your baby with the MAM Original Soother. Ideal for the healthy development of the jaw and teeth, this soother has been developed alongside dentists and orthodontists. MAM Original 12+ Months Soother means babies can relax in comfort and style. Developed together with dentists and orthodontists, MAM soothers feature Skin Soft teats that feel completely familiar to your baby. What’s more, their symmetrical teat ensures that the soother is always in the right position in your babies mouth, ideal for healthy jaw and teeth development. These soothers also come with a s iser box, meaning they can be s ised without the need for a separate s iser. Key features of MAM Original Soother Skin Soft teat is soft and familiar to babies Symmetric teat fits perfectly in baby’s mouth Suitable for babies ages 12 months and older With a convenient s iser box