MAM Milk Powder Box



Easily transport up to three 8oz bottle feeds with the MAM Milk Powder Box. Sleek triangle design makes easy pouring. With a spill proof lid with openings for each compartment. MAM Milk Powder Box makes feeding your baby formula on the go quick and easy. Its unique triangular design allows easy pouring without mess, designed to offer parent’s a convenient feeding solution while away from home. The milk powder box has a sleek and flat design that makes it a portable, lightweight storage container. It can safely hold up to three separate 8oz bottle feeds. The spill-proof lid offers three easy to open snap covers for each compartment, while the whole lid can be removed for easy cleaning and filling. Key features of MAM Milk Powder Box For easy tr tation of formula It has a sleek, compact, unisex design 3 separate compartments hold up to 8 oz feeds Triangle design for clean pouring Spill proof lid with openings for each compartment