MAM Clips Double Set – Blue



Keep your baby’s soother close by wherever you go with the MAM Soother Clip. This lightweight clip is made from washable, durable ribbon with an easy-to-use ring attachment for a wide range of soothers, teething rings, and toys. MAM Soother Clips are for every situation in your baby’s life. Clip on your new soother chain and be c dent in the knowledge that wherever you and your baby go, there’s always a soother at hand. MAM soother clips are decorated with cute text and have a handy ring for button style soothers, teething rings, and toys. The clip’s mechanism can be automatically opened by pulling back the slider, making it easy to operate with one hand. Key features of MAM Soother Clips Easy ring attachment is simple to attach and remove For button style soothers, teething rings, and toys Parents can individually adjust the length of the clip Lightweight design Made from washable, durable soft ribbon Slender but sturdy