Listerine Total Care Zero 0% Alcohol Mouthwash


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Listerine Total Care Zero 0% Alcohol Mouthwash gives you all the boldness you can handle with less intensity. The zero-alcohol formula, provides a deep clean to maintain a healthy mouth and keep your gums and teeth strong, and your breath fresh. Smooth Mint flavour. Listerine Total Care Zero Mouthwash Smooth Mint gives a cleaner & fresher mouth than brushing alone. The mouthwash removes 97% of germs left after brushing and protects the mouth from germs providing you with fresh breath c dence. The formula penetrates to reduce plaque and helps keep your mouth clean and healthy without the strong taste of alcohol. Used twice a day LISTERINE Total Care Zero is proven to: 1. Reduce Plaque Reduces more plaque bacteria than brushing alone2. Maintain healthy gums Kills germs above and below the gum line to keep gums healthy3. Pr cavity protection Contains fluoride to help make teeth stronger and more resistant to cavities4. Keep teeth white Helps prevent tartar building up to keep teeth naturally white5. Fight germs Fights germs that can cause plaque to help protect against gum disease developing6. Keep breath fresh Pr s lasting fresh breath c dence