Lift Glucose Shot Lemon And Lime 60ml


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Give yourself a fast-acting boost when your body needs it most with a Lift Glucose Shot. This caffeine, gluten, and fat free juice shot has a delicious lemon and lime flavour and help you to reach your personal best or get the most out of your day. Suitable for vegans. Lift Glucose Shot Lemon And Lime gives you a fast-acting boost when you need it most. Lift’s Juice Shot contains glucose to help you get the most out of training, unlock that extra 5% in a big race or match, or just give you enough energy to make it to the gym! Lift can also be used by people with diabetes as an immediate treatment for hypoglycaemia and to help prevent hypos. Caffeine, gluten, and fat free. Lift tabs are also suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Key features of Lift Glucose Chews Delicious lemon and lime flavour Fast-acting Tough packaging Measured dosage – 15g of glucose per shot Low calorie – only 57 calories per bottle Caffeine, gluten, and fat free Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans