Klorane Flax Fiber Volume Shampoo


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Strengthen and volumise fine, limp hair with Klorane Flax Fiber Volume Shampoo. Organic Flax uses its natural reinforcement to give hair long-lasting volume and texture. 86% natural, biodegradable formula. Dermatologically tested. Klorane Flax Fiber Volume Shampoo uses organic flax fibre to strengthen and volumise hair from the root. Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) has been specially selected for its supple and resistant fibres and rich mucilage, ideal for those with fine, limp hair. Klorane harvest their Flax from their own fields according to Organic Agriculture standards. If you’re looking for hair with long-lasting volume and texture that is supple and light, Klorane Flax Fibre Shampoo is the choice for you! Key Features of Klorane Flax Fiber Volume Shampoo: Volumises fine, limp hair 86% natural formula Biodegradable formula Bottle 100% recycled and recyclable packaging Dermatologically tested Made in France