Klorane Conditioner with Organic Cupuacu Butter for Very Dry Damaged Hair


Klorane Conditioner with Organic Cupuacu butter deeply nourishes and repairs the hair fibre to the tip. Facilitates hair detangling and improves managability. Ideal for disciplining wavy, curly and curly hair. Vegan Friendly**. Klorane Conditioner with Organic Cupuacu butter intensive nourishing conditioner with 96% natural-origin ingredients helps to detangle, deeply nourish and strengthen very dry, damaged hair all the way down to the tips. Lightweight, it helps to tame frizz, restore manageability and strength. Enriched with nourishing Organic Cupuacu Butter, this is the perfect ally to redefine and intensify natural curls. Key Features of Klorane Conditioner with Organic Cupuacu Detangles, tames frizz and restores manageability Reinforces the fibre to help prevent hair breakage when brushing Deeply nourishes hair without weighing it down Strengthens damaged keratin fibres Protects against future breakage or damage Redefines and Intensifies curls, combats frizz and boosts shine For very dry hair, can be used alone as a co-wash 96% natural-origin formula Proven efficacy High tolerance without ingredients of animal origin.