Just for Men Autostop Hair Colour 35 Medium B


Just For Men Ultra Hair Dye Medium Brown A-35 Triple Pack gives you a multipack of foolproof hair colours. It lets you pinpoint greys, as it shuts itself off at just the right colour, giving you the perfect results everytime. This multipack contains: 3 packs of Just For Men Ultra Hair Dye Medium Brown A-35 (35g each) Easy to use Just For Men Ultra hair colours are easy to use. Simply comb in the dye, then the shampoo, and notice the difference in just 10 minutes. No mixing. No mess. Does not contain ammonia or peroxide As an added bonus, Just For Men Ultra Hair Colours do not contain any peroxide or ammonia. It is gentle on your hair and keeps it looking impressive at all times. This pack contains: Dye tube Plastic gloves Comb applicator Easy-to-follow instructions. Please note that results may vary.