Hedrin Protect & Go Conditioning Spray


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Hedrin Protect & Go is easy to use to protect your children against headlice infections. Ideal for regular use whenever headlice may be prevalent, such as play dates, parties, sleepovers and when children go back to school. With a pleasing fruity orange and mango fragrance. Hedrin Protect & Go Conditioning Spray has been formulated with non-volatile ingredients. However, normal safety precautions should be observed, always keep hair away from naked flames. It is easy for children to get head lice. But now, you can actively protect your children against head lice infestations and help keep their hair looking healthy too. This clinically proven conditioning spray works by killing lice before an infestation can take hold. Just spray it on and leave it to work. Gentle mild detangling formula protects and conditions. Fruity orange and mango fragrance leaves hair smelling fresh, fast simple spray on, leave in action, effective clinically proven protection for when the threat of head lice appears. Key Features of Hedrin Protect & Go Conditioning Spray Activdiol 1% – protects + conditions Fruity orange and mango fragrance Fast simple spray-on, leave-in action