Hedrin 4% Lotion Spray


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Hedrin Spray 4% Lotion dimeticone is the new way to eradicate head lice, it is skin friendly, odourless, easy to apply and does not contain organophosphate. Hedrin 4% Lotion Spray is the original Hedrin product and is the only licenced physically-acting treatment in the UK for head lice. It is available without prescription and simply requires 2 overnight applications, 7 days apart. The Hedrin range is proven in clinical trials to be incredibly effective at killing head lice, but is specially formulated to suit your preference and lifestyle. Each product contains a physical mode of action that lice cannot develop a resistance to. They do not require combing once applied and they are all skin friendly, have no unpleasant odours or asthma triggers and can be used on babies from 6 months old. Hedrin does not contain organophosphate, but does have a special mode of action to which live cannot develop a resistance to.